What is social entrepreneurship?

“Social entrepreneurship is recognized as encompassing a wide range of activities:

  • “Enterprising individuals devoted to making a difference;
  • “Social purpose business ventures dedicated to adding for-profit motivations to the nonprofit sector;
  • “New types of philanthropists supporting venture capital-like ‘investment’ portfolios; and
  • “Nonprofit organizations that are reinventing themselves by drawing on lessons learned from the business world.”

-Mair, Robinson, Hockerts in Social Entrepreneurship

“We define social entrepreneurship as a form of entrepreneurship that integrates social goals and social problem solving into its core business model.

The business model of social entrepreneurial ventures (or social ventures) simultaneously creates economic and social value. Traditional entrepreneurship does not intentionally seek to create social value …

Social ventures leverage social innovation for social impact over the long-term. They measure their performance and progress towards continuous improvement.”

Robinson, Prado and Shapira Entrepreneurial Approaches for Non-profit Directors

When will the next New Jersey Social Innovation Institute begin?

The New Jersey Social  Innovation Institute is a training program funded by title sponsor PSEG. Creating a second class is potentially in the works. Announcements for application class will be made right here on the site, please stay tuned.

How can I get involved with the EPI program?

Applications for the 5th EPI are currently closed. You may complete the online application ( http://www.business.rutgers.edu/cueed/epi/application) for consideration for the 6th EPI, which starts in April 2014.

Designed exclusively for first-generation entrepreneurs, EPI is a highly competitive nine-month program that can serve as a single source to support the growth of your business. The program offers a powerful blend of monthly classes, intensive training, one-on-one counseling, financial guidance, peer coaching and networking — all at a nominal cost.

Please make sure to review eligibility requirements

If your business is poised for expansion, it could be eligible for the next EPI program. You must meet the following requirements:

  • A first-generation entrepreneur (your parents or grandparents did not have a formally registered business)
  • Formally registered business
  • In business/operational for at least two years
  • Located and conducting business in New Jersey

Interested entrepreneurs must complete a detailed application; finalists will be invited to interview via phone. Classes are limited to 40 participants. Please note that start-ups are not eligible.