Shani Brinkely

The Energizer

Shani Brinkley, “The Energizer”, is a former 20 year yo-yo dieter who conquered her weight battle and lost over 85 pounds. Her struggle with losing weight played an integral role in shaping her families view about food. She decided that in order to change how her family ate, she had to change first. So, losing over 85 pounds through diet and exercise was a journey towards optimum health. This led her to become a certified Holistic Health coach from Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She leads workshops and offers individual health and nutritional coaching for women and families. She founded the HUB Health Generator, LLC because she understands the keys to sustainable weight loss and wants to help others achieve their goals and create their own success stories. Her clients have lost weight and developed healthy eating patterns for life.

Her background as a certified Early Childhood teacher and site coordinator for the 21st century after school programs, led her to fill the void in nutritional education for school children. She created and introduced her program, “Igniting Generation Healthy”, designed to teach children about nutritional health in a comprehensive, holistic way. This program seeks to help children not only learn about healthy alternatives to fast food choices, but also to cultivate healthy habits for long-term health. “Igniting Generation Healthy” classes are comprised of targeted tips and techniques that focus on the connection between the mind, body and mouth.  Children become curious about the field of nutrition and within their families, create their own health spark.

About The HUB

The HUB-Health Generator, LLC is a “one-stop-shop” service provider with targeted products and services that address the needs and interests of the whole family and expose patrons to a holistic approach to health and wellness.  The HUB-Health Generator coordinates services for families, community partners and businesses.  These services include health coaching, targeted fitness programs, and healthy food access.  HUB members can enter into the HUB through any of these three entry points, and move through all of the services.

As the CEO of the HUB Health Generator, Shani wants to create a health revolution starting with her hometown of Plainfield, NJ. She and her team, John Brinkley, marketing consultant and David J Brinkley, Vice-President, are all working on expanding the services the HUB offers to its community. Currently, they are bringing healthy food access to Plainfield through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program with Honey Brook Organic Farms.  The HUB’s partnership with the YWCA of Central Jersey offers the location for the organic food to be dropped off as well as fulfills the exercise component of the HUB’s integrative approach to getting families healthy.  In the fall, the HUB seeks to pilot its full program with 10 families. Shani and her team are energized toward igniting a health revolution.

Some of the success has been: The HUB Health Generator, LLC won a foundation grant from PSE&G Foundation through the New Jersey Social Innovation Institute ; and has received business development consultation from Rutgers University Business School.

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The event was "Eating a Rainbow" workshop, teaching people about the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables, what each color represents for disease prevention and overall health

The event was “Eating a Rainbow” workshop, teaching people about the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables, what each color represents for disease prevention and overall health


In this video, Shani Brinkley (The Energizer), prepares a delicious quinoa meal with one of her clients, Donna

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