Patty Mojta

Patty is a licensed Social Worker who has been working with children and families since 2004, mostly in the fields of early childhood development and parent education.  Patty believes that in order for children to have the best chances in life, their parents need to be supported and nurtured.  Patty has spent most of her career developing and implementing programs that support parents and families.  As a proud mother of two boys, Patty knows the challenges of parenting firsthand and is appreciative for all of the support she had during her transition to parenthood.  Now she is committed to helping other parents as they transition to the most challenging and rewarding phase of their lives.

About Parents Universe:

The mission of Parent Universe is to support new parents during the exciting time surrounding the birth of a baby.  Parent Universe provides a variety of home-based supportive services to families during pregnancy and throughout the first three years of a child’s life.  Our signature service, Baby Coaching, includes customized one-on-one sessions to assist parents with encouraging optimal growth and development of their child.  All services are offered a-la-carte, so families on nearly any budget can access the help they need.  Our goal is to ensure that children and parents get off to the best possible start.

The vision is for all parents in New Jersey to have access to supportive services to help them during the transition to parenthood.  To achieve this vision, proceeds from the sales of Baby Coaching and other services will be put towards sliding scale and subsidized services for low-income families, the development of free online resources for all parents, and advocacy for programs and policies that support all families in NJ.

Our belief is that the reluctance of our society to endorse parent support services stems from a cultural mindset.  Furthermore, we believe that the marketplace is the primary vehicle for influencing a way of thinking among Americans.  Therefore, the goal of this project is to combat negative perceptions of home visiting by cultivating a sense that these programs are desirable and universally accessible.  At the same time, we will have the added benefit of strengthening families and improving health outcomes for children and parents.  We would do this through large-scale marketing of our Baby Coaching and related parent support services to parents with the means to afford these services.  Additionally, we will target large corporations to offer Baby Coaching as part of a competitive employee benefit package.  A portion of our proceeds would be used to make services available across all income brackets, thereby increasing the availability of supportive services to all NJ residents.


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