Andre Gibson

About Andre

Before founding Tollo Community System, Andre worked in the non-profit sector for approximately ten years. He witnessed firsthand on a daily basis the frustrations and difficulties individual clients encountered while applying for various government services.

About Tollo Community System

Tollo Community System™ (TOLLO) is a FREE secure web-based service that will connect anyone seeking social or financial assistance to programs and/or services within their community. These services range from employment, financial assistance, housing and social service needs.

Non-Profits and Municipalities operate with HUGE information blind spots.  These blind spots prohibit the individuals that they serve to be connected to additional services that will improve their quality of life.  With data stored in different locations, it can take days or weeks to collect and analyze the information from multiple sources – a community disadvantage.

Individuals seeking services entered into Tollo will find additional services that will improve their quality of life.

Non-Profit organizations that provide services in the community with be connected with individuals they can serve faster and more efficiently.  Time spent searching for available services will be dramatically reduced.


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This video explains more about the system directly from the creator. Tollo in Latin means to lift or raise up and we believe that this system provides the opportunity to raise up communities through “No Wrong Door”.

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