About Us

The New Jersey Social Entrepreneurship Network

The New Jersey Social Entrepreneurship Network is to raise the profile of social entrepreneurship in New Jersey by bringing leaders of the social sector and entrepreneurs who address social and environmental challenges through their businesses together to learn from and support one another.

New Jersey is the ideal place for a state-wide effort to expand the reach of good ideas that make a significant social impact.  Our state is in need of creative solutions that cross sector lines, leverage institutional resources, and that rebuilds neighborhoods.  Social entrepreneurship by nature is a boundary-spanning activity that brings people, resources, and communities together and therefore is uniquely suited to meet this objective.

Mission: The network’s website will feature information and resources that:

  • Inform the social sector and business community of the benefits and need for entrepreneurial approaches to addressing social and environmental issues;
  • Equip participants with tools to take steps toward building a social enterprise or social business; and
  • Facilitate networking with potential investors, experienced business leaders and individual entrepreneurs who are engaging in social venture initiatives in NJ.

But we need you! The network really depends on the contributions and engagement by innovative thinkers like you. We look forward to reading your comments and seeing you at our upcoming events.